Model advice . Exposing the truth behind the scenes . What choco media models is all about


I took the official website down because I feel like I’m selling dreams
because clients , production companies would book a model from the website &
when they are booked most of the time they aren’t willing or unavailable


Reasons : 1. Degrading/ tacky shoot ( if the shoot is low profile , lack of
information of what you been doing models are less likely to want to be a part
of it. Black men and light skin woman through out the years are allowed to
exploit girls I just don’t t have it in me to try pimp girls out & dark skin
woman are always judged harder & I rather have a full time job than try do
it for the gram , fast money.


2. Some Production companies want us to fail so they be extra difficult on
purpose so I can fall flat on my face. I remember getting a booking for 2
certain selected models (they named them ) & must be available in two days
time I gave them an alternative like 10 other models were interested. I used to
model before most of these urban & talent agencies I worked for normally
send me a casting & I would say reply or apply if interested they never say
the client have selected you . The production company went with a another agency
that don’t have a website but I feel that my movement made them feel
uncomfortable & wanted me to fail. Creating something different brings doubt
, jealously , insecurities & lack of trust in the brand.
3. The sexism in the entertainment industry is real , we need more Female
empowerment, unity & dark skin woman are mostly overly sexualised so when I
wanted to grow from model to an agent I had to leave a few “connections” behind
who couldn’t see me any more than just a model.



After creating choco media models you see the magazine features , interests
from models & aspiring but you don’t see behind the scenes , the bullies I
have to deal with on set & the obstacles & critics. Being overlooked
from dark skin woman directors , creatives after black men bully me , put me
down , humiliate me on set I have to deal with selfish dark skin woman who feels
like she has to be the only dark skin woman in the industry to succeed who feel
insecure &can’t work with woman who look like them. Unity, sisterhood &
female empowerment we are all we got I made the sacrifice so can you.




We are a Movement if you are just looking for quick booking , fame go to the
urban ethnic modelling agencies , mainstream modelling agency & talent
agencies most likely to be no space because of tokenism I won’t feel angry I
will happily promote you we are platform too I know ethnic modelling agencies
that copied my ideas started only a year ago &  they are doing better than me
when you are light skin woman , black men your model agency will prosper it
doesn’t t have to take years. Dark skin models are booked & busy in fashion ,
Beauty , music videos & more. We are a positive solution type of blog that’s
why people try to do we all black reverse colourism but when old tweets from
artists , trolling dark skin girls , when they exclude us out & dark skin

girls complain! we are just bitter “you’re  not dark skin ”  “we are all black”

doesn’t  help nothing it’s  just you trying to erase or deny the colourism
experience dark skin woman go through. I’m not light skin so I’m dark skin just
because I’m succeeding doing well now & I’m doing something positive you can’t come
& try downplay my achievements earned. I have performing arts training , I’m
a graduate & I’ve been modelling & acting since 2010. You can’t compare
me to no one because I’m comfortable being myself &  I don’t need to copy
Blog : we post dark skin Agency , freelance & instagram models who do
well In the entertainment & fashion industry & sometimes actresses ,
 for inspiration & empowerment sometimes seeing old tweets , complaints
from dark skin girls , trolls , that make us look bitter, ugly & overlooked
which is horrible view of us dark skin models are booked & busy & most
likely to turn down music videos. Platform : we tag models & it’s important
now In this social media era clients dm models now its easier so clients might
go on our page & click your name @ dm you directly



Modelling Agency : we send models castings & they apply , send pics
& if they are interested what happens next is not in our hands & I can’t
stress over things I can’t control I’m not a casting director & film or
fashion director.
Model tips : 1. don’t get scammed & send money it’s not worth it . 2.  have a directory of good modelling
agencies so have a good look. 3 if you want to be represented by a urban
modelling just be carefully the egos the people have the behind the scenes is it
a bit crazy if you’re not interested in a shoot they might cut you off & get
personal think it’s about them when it’s your personal brand you care about
don’t feel bad that you don’t want to degraded & lower your standards. Some
agencies are built & successful because of colourism the less dark skin
girls you had the better the agency what you see now it’s dark skin being a
trend it wasn’t like that in 2010 so be careful joining a modelling agency that
post a lot of dark skin models but behind the scenes light skin models are only
booked you can’t change colourists mind so don’t get stuck in the contract just
to be posted on the gram & for clout purposes retweets & likes don’t cut
it . If your not comfortable in lingerie don’t do it , it might anger people
because they want quick money , don’t get personal & try force relationships
cliques , sleeping around &begging it might help but it won’t last be
professional always. Start small collaboration, do unpaid stuff if you can , be
an extra , a runner , be a personal assistant , invest in your craft hire a
photographer as a start up . If you want to learn how to be confident , strong
minded , freelance model I will be starting a mentoring modelling , acting &
blogging program. Dm Or email if you are interested. Colourism : being
discriminated for not being light skin , mistreated , punching bag for black
people , trolling , bullying , self hatred , history tokenism : only one dark
skin at a time ( encourages competitiveness , bitchiness , bitterness &
division never try explain yourself to someone who is Committed to
misunderstanding you I’ve seen people ignore what others say & completely
talk over them love yourself & know yourself don’t try control things you
have no control of stay grateful , passionate & create !


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