10 ways to have a positive & fun fitness journey

a gyma

  1. Don’t try be a perfectionist , embrace mistakes , try again & do your best. I know sometimes you plan to do certain amount of reps and sometimes you get too tired to finish. Distractions and the lack of patience can slow up the process but don’t stress out great things take time just remember that.
  2. Don’t compare yourself there is no need to compare yourself and feel you can’t catch up. This is your journey nobody else’s every body is different you might take longer and there is no need to try prove yourself to others this is about being a healthier and fitter you.
  3. Love your body while working for the body you want don’t hesitate to take pictures because you feel you don’t see results and you rather wait to see results.
  4. Enjoy the journey , be in the present , change up routines  , change music playlists & hire a personal trainer if needed. Change up your wardrobe wear clothes you feel comfortable in and new join classes.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up & give up who cares if you drank a fizzy drink , had a magnum ice cream. There is a tomorrow & you can bounce back.
  6. Get some inspiration if you want to read stories about other fitness enthusiasts go ahead , watch some bikini fashion shows , magic mike ( lool)  , Victoria’s secret videos and music videos.
  7. Motivation is key find ways that drives you could be unwell loved one , your battle with depression , personal tragedies in your past and motivational videos.
  8. Just do it even if you don’t want and see if when you are finish you feel much better.
  9. Rest when you need to don’t feel pressure & don’t feel you need to impress others or prove a point.
  10.  Look after yourself , recover yourself when you need to , make sure you are getting enough protein , get enough sleep and pamper yourself when needed.


a gym

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