How to deal with toxic people & live your life without fear of backlash

“when toxic people can no longer control you , they will try to control how others see you the misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth, just like you did”


Firstly you have to know what a toxic person is, it could be your boyfriend , family member or childhood friend :

They are always negative , dream killers & miserable

They are controlling & Manipulative

They put themselves down & others.

They never seek help or try to change.

They are always angry , shouting and threatening.

They have a negative view of the world.

They are always ungrateful what you do is never enough.



Does that person make you feel drained ?

Are you walking on eggshells?

Are you ignoring your voice?


Maybe they are not toxic they are just going through a lot and maybe you need to listen a lot more to understand how they are feeling. Tell them how you expect to be treated and set your boundaries.


If you can’t afford to move out then save meanwhile but whenever you can go to the library , a friend’s house or do stuff at home that take your mind off the toxic person. ( Headphones, Netflix , Blogging & reading)


Seek professional help if you don’t want to see a therapist it can be anonymous online  like the Samaritans they can help you when you want to vent or write a angry email that you don’t actually send or go for a walk.  


Don’t let it bother you , try grow a thick skin & be more compassionate they are like that for a reason. Some people are inconsiderate however don’t let it disturb your inner peace , they are certain things we can’t control and that’s ok.


Live without fear of back lash 

This is the bit no one really talks about so here it goes , when you outgrow people and start your fresh new life toxic people will try convince others your no good.

They liked you when they could control you , you was easy to talk down to and was always accessible. You turned into a butterfly but some people wish you was still a caterpillar , they hate what you become and that makes them feel bad about themselves.

This will the best version of yourself living your best life , saying no without feeling guilty and using your time wisely.


I hope this helps & thanks for reading !


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