My Anastasia palette beauty review

I love the new palette I got ideas I want to bring out already ! They have all the colours I love & so many to play with. I love the texture & the design I didn’t even leave the palette with the rest of my other make up I had it in a special drawer that’s how obsessed I was anyway here is the names of each shade : 1.Tempera 2.golden ochre 3.Vermeer 4.buon fresco 5.antique bronze6. love letter 7. cyprus umber 8. raw sienna 9.burnt orange 10. primavera ochre 12.Venetian red 13.warm taupe 14. realgar

As you can see it’s easy for the palette to get messy but I guess most eye shadows are like that. Going to show you how the palette looked after doing the swatches.


Foundation I used was urban decay & concealer L.A girl

Brows : Rimmel London

Eyeliner: MAC liquid liner : Rimmel London

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