Feel beautiful inside & out !

Quote by Mother Theresa aquote for wordpress


Beauty is skin deep & it’s important to know that. I love fashion,music, hair,make up & fragrances however it’s important to feel beautiful in the inside.I decided to create a beauty blog because I feel I can never let myself down as a woman & be un reliable to myself. People will let you down, have a different plan or mind set that won’t match your dreams . Don’t always take it personal not everyone wants you to fail but you have to remember you can’t control people.

I think popularity plays a big part people saying no to you because your the underdog and they feel you are not important. Don’t be discouraged & change who you are because of other people. Some people are so cold hearted & the way people adore them makes you feel sick however you have to remember that even salt looks like sugar. Despite the sexism , colourism , racism & unprofessionalism that goes on in the industry don’t be discouraged stay in your lane , be consistent & you will attract the good.

You are beautiful don’t try fit in , sleep your way to the top , lose your respect & try beg friend with people to become successful. Let go of the people pleasing , approval & comparisons. Do what makes you happy , follow your passion & be consistent.

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