Self love is the best love (Beauty Review)

beauty review.JPG

I was so excited when I purchased all of these items  I couldn’t wait to get home and pamper myself. As you can see I also purchased eyelashes so when I go out again not only I will look fabulous my selfies will be popping as well (yasss!).


Venus Gillette  Breeze

This product is amazing it leaves your skin looking soft , bright and clear. It doesn’t take long for the hair to come off and you can place the razor on the wall you also get a holder and it sticks to the wall. You get 2 clean razors in to small box so you can change it and you can easily attach it to the handle.

Garnier moisture Bomb tissue mask

If you want your face to feel soft and hydrated then look no further this mask is so refreshing and cool. The instructions is so clear and really easy to understand. It’s easy to put on your face and it makes your face feel so cool. It will be the best 15 minutes of your life and the feeling of taking it off feels so refreshing. Make sure your face is clean , cleansed , the product is good for sensitive and dry skin.


Eylure Accents Eyelashes no 005


These eyelashes are amazing and full. I once brought eyelashes that had  less volume and I was so disappointed I couldn’t even see the lashes. But these lashes are nice and full . If you have small eyes and your fed up cutting lashes I would recommend you buying these lashes!.

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