Don’t worry about them

I hope you will gain the courage to follow your dreams I hope their jealously , hate and ignorance doesn’t turn your nights into heartache and screams I know it must be horrible to have so much hate and pressure  They don’t like your purpose and how you bring people together It’s a selfish and […]

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Say nice try to the haters

” Trying to be little or silence my experience so i can back down nice try “ You see me do my thing , your either intimidated , scared of the competition or just plain ignorant. I don’t take it personal because i know my experience and i know who I am. When someone questions […]

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Always last

You sit there reminiscing About the past You realize  you are always last You are frustrated because you want to be the main character You are sick of being the extra and supporting actor You sit there burning , taking orders because you are stuck You look online for any curses because it always seems […]

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You have Outgrown them

She can never compete or compare herself to you so don’t feel intimated Don’t feel small because she has her mean girl squad and you are stuck on your own your strong as hell She would probably crumble and give up if they excluded her and not make her apart of their world she probably […]

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Loving yourself is essential

Loving yourself helps you see who is using you , it opens your eyes to the haters , the ones who ridicule you , it opens your eyes to those who reject you and only see you as their energy supply. Everything will start to feel uncomfortable , you won’t be able to tolerate it […]

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