Appreciate my own ..

You are very selfish, cold & empty but it made me appreciate my own kindness , sunshine and fullness.                            You are ignorant, shallow & boring but it made me appreciate my intelligence, awareness & creativeness                […]

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That look

That look was horrible it was like i was dirt That look was confusing that really threw me off  That look was rude is it something i done it definitely wasn’t  That look was conniving i think i should go have a word That look was evil i better go pray and watch my back […]

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I’m gone

Encourage , help and do my best then i’m gone Face the criticisms , the trolls & other opinions then I’m gone Set my new standards , boundaries embrace the mistakes then I’m gone Network , have fun and be a great help then i’m gone Sacrifice  , help the underdog , take risks get […]

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Need to stop …

The constant need to need to dim someone’s light needs to stop The constant picture they all try paint us as needs to stop The constant loud stereotype they portray us  needs to stop The constant view they have us as just object with no feelings needs to stop The constant need to silence our […]

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You took it away

  You took that little spark that I had & squeezed , crushed it & threw it away the passion I finally grabbed you took it away the one thing that kept me alive you stomped on it and spit it out the one thing that got me out of bed you shut it down […]

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